We are a collaborative group with varied backgrounds,
brought together by a shared interest in working with people
to amplify their success.

We have experience working in an array of industries and organizations: for profit, non-profit, state and local government, faith-based, insurance, financial services, telecommunications, higher education, and the arts. We collaborate and we really enjoy working together! We are not afraid to address difficult issues or questions. Our varied backgrounds give us broad experience and also a deep focus on making individuals, teams, and organizations more effective. We bring a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm to our clients, and lead by example, looking for opportunity to build on strengths.



Mary is an organization effectiveness expert with an unwavering belief that by building on strength, teams/ leaders/ organizations can overcome thorny issues, imagine and create vibrant futures, deal with tough situations, and be stronger for the process.


Katie is passionate about building effective teams and helping individuals become purposeful, high-functioning leaders. For more than 20 years, she has worked with boards, leadership, and staff to develop strategic plans, to assess programs and to implement initiatives.


Gayle has more than two decades of experience serving as an internal and external consultant, coach and teacher. She has also held senior management positions with strategic planning, operations, and communications duties in the financial services sector.



Chris founded True Change Associates in 2015 after 20 years of working with academic institutions, corporations, and nonprofit organizations focusing on diversity and inclusion, equity and social justice, leadership development, and team building.


Janice holds a PhD in Psychoeducational Processes with a focus in organization development. She has been a professor and student of leadership for thirty years. Her career reflects her purpose: the holistic development of employees and the organizations they serve.