Achieve Consulting GroupWe designed and facilitated a process to bring four churches together to create a new model for the future. As reflects the state of mainline denominations today, these four churches collectively could afford two priests. We created a model of shared leadership, designed an expedited search (recruitment) process, and hired two priests as a team for the job. To do this the group (with participants from each of the four churches) started by looking at what they value, how they want and need to grow, and determined the themes that would drive their search for new leadership. As designers and facilitators for this process, we held the delicate balance between emotion for such an important change and logical decision making required to get through a detailed process.

Consulting Services

Our job is to help paint the picture of what’s necessary to meet your goals, and then to step into that picture to make it come to life. Our chief goal is to build your internal capacity so that you no longer have a need for external help.

Coaching Services

Coaching is a foundation for growth. What makes us good coaches is life experience and education combined with deep curiosity for our own continued growth.

Experiential Workshops

Our workshops are designed to meet a need, invite engagement, and to provide a safe space for deep discussion or skill practice.


Case Study: Defense Contractor

Our client wanted to create a culture shift and to institute new processes to re-align employee behavior and leadership expectations.

Case Study: PACE and LIFO

As part of a leadership development program we conducted LIFO assessments and training for leadership staff.

Case Study: Online Education

We designed and implemented an online review course in preparation for the association’s certification exam.

Case Study: Large CA State Agency

We led an organization redesign effort for a large county agency in Santa Clara County that prevented layoffs and reduced costs.