A workshop or a retreat can be a springboard at the beginning of a more lengthy engagement, or a concentrated focus in an ongoing engagement. Either way, our workshops are designed to meet a need, invite engagement, and to provide a safe space for deep discussion or skill practice. All workshops are custom designed, rely on deep experience in combination with current literature and tools, and are supported by custom graphics. We aim for an experience that people will remember, embody, and take forward in a concrete way for the future.


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Can (or do) you voice them when push comes to shove? Are your actions consistent with what you say is important?

Our values are often one visible reflection of who we are. And yet, these same values are often the root of many of the conflicts we experience in organizations. When dealing with a values-based conflict, the choices are often right vs right.

Are you tuned in to your impact as a leader? What would your team say?

We spend a lot of time in business today focusing on technical skills. This day focuses on the harder, and much more essential, competencies that support personal awareness, choice, and true engagement to lead productive teams.

How does your behavior and communication approach affect you, your team, drive your success, and/or hinder your performance? Are you aware of your behavior styles and preferences? Your actions influence your world and your teams. By understanding your behavioral preferences, you can use your strengths, adapt your excesses, and become aware of your blind spots to improve your impact, productivity, and team function.


All of our workshops are or can be configured to be fully accessible to people with different abilities and needs. Please let us know before registering if you will require accommodation so we can prepare ahead of time.

Registration Deadlines

Workshop registration closes 48 hours prior to each workshop date.

Customized Workshops

Workshops can be customized and brought-on site to your organization. Contact us to enquire about turnkey workshop offerings tailored to your specific goals and challenges.